We Swim At Camp

Camp leadership teams: Craft and organize safe and successful activities for your staff and campers.

Get insights, ideas and materials for leading swim pool and water-front activities in camp settings. Explore a range of options from a menu that can be selected to best match your camp's culture. 

Learn how to infuse the LAP modules and schedules into a robust seasonal camp experience.

  • Springboard camp staff to more successful summer.
  • Lesson plans
  • Objectives
  • Activities
  • Teacher tips
  • Prompts and ties to academics and thought provoking discussions

At each camp, advance your students to their highest level of skill acquisition and execution possible.

  • Save time and frustrations. 
  • The finishing point of one camp became the starting point at the next camp.
  • Includes the agenda successfully deployed for more than 10-years with SKWIM & Water Polo Camp, a five weeks, 3-hours per day, camp with public-school students suitable from grades 3 to 9.
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