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Chapter Two.

Sale of co-branded, mission critical, support materials tied to the courses and classes that occur in the USA.


  • The terms of the IP (Intellectual Property) agreement is a different document, Chapter One.
  • The terms of profit sharing on programs within the USA are in a different document, Chapter Three.
  • The terms of foreign rights are in Chapter Four.

The co-branded, mission critical, support materials tied to the courses and classes include physical objects that are printed and produced such as:

  • books,
  • manuals,
  • stickers,
  • cloth emblems,
  • award ribbons, and
  • posters.

These items can be mass produced or printed on demand.

This chapter does not include discussions about online / virtual items nor any in-person services.

This agreement is to be in effect for ten years as it covers the period when all materials are under development in a single IP license.


  • Current Wave supplies original source materials to ISCA.
  • ISCA has the ability to edit, re-design, co-brand and change the source materials as desired in with either minor and with wholesale changes. Throughout the creative process, ISCA is to work with and obtain feedback on the content from Current Wave.
  • ISCA pays for the printing and production of the materials. However, ISCA, through a job ticket system, offers Current Wave the ability to do join purchases of materials. 
  • ISCA’s first mission is to utilize the existing materials with minor changes so as to include co-branding with the ISCA logo.
  • ISCA’s second mission is to bring the existing materials into inventory for distribution to clients, customers and Current Wave in Canada.
  • ISCA’s third mission is to re-tool the materials for suitable online presentation, such as digital courses.
  • ISCA’s fourth mission, after the first three, is to solicit feedback and begin to make design changes and possible, suitable overhauling of the content.

The intention is to bring to the existing elements to the USA market without making serious changes to what is already available and has been utilized for the past 30-years in Canada.

The new creative forces in the first months and years in the USA efforts can be leveraged in new programs and modules, such as SKWIM, water polo and test sets, as those workbooks and programs are not already developed and refined from Canada.

The end customer for these items need to reside within ISCA’s boundary, which at the outset of the agreement is the United States and its territories. 

ISCA can not sell materials to any individual in Canada as those sales are to occur via Current Wave.

Three classification of sales of these materials are being conducted:

  1. Regular sales to ISCA Customers
  2. Sales to Founding ISCA’s LAP Members.
  3. Sales to targeted disadvantaged communities.

Regular sales to ISCA Customers.

Current Wave gets 10% of the income on all items sold in this classification.

  • Example A: ISCA sells a $100 item, (Manual: How to teach your son/daughter to swim) sold via Amazon to a USA-based customer, 10-percent, $10, goes to Current Wave.
  • Example B: ISCA sells a case of 50 workbooks to XYZ Country Club, $8 cover price, $4 wholesale, $200 collected, then $20 (10-percent) goes to Current Wave.

Sales to Founding ISCA’s LAP Members. 

ISCA is going to provide items to its FOUNDING MEMBERS with a start-up agreement that includes bulk items and first printings. Items and materials provided to these select customers do not have any royalty fees due to Current Wave.

Sales of materials to targeted disadvantaged communities, as part of the ISCA outreach efforts, are provided to customers without any royalty fees due to Current Wave. 

These materials should be provided for from some type of foundation source or benefactor alliance.

Job Ticketing and Joint Purchases

One of the upsides to working together is to obtain better prices for the materials. Rather than printing something in Canada and printing another batch in the USA, it should be to everyone's benefit to print more items at one time and lower the cost of goods.

Coordination is needed. We'll organize the projects with job tickets so that edits, unit quantities, bids, costs, progress, change orders, inventory and payments can be easily followed and acted upon. Job Ticket transparency is expected.

  • Before ISCA takes a job ticket to the printers, notice is provided to Current Wave.
  • Current Wave may or may not join in the purchase order with ISCA. 
  • Current Wave pays for the goods ordered at cost.
  • Current Wave pays for shipping. 
  • Vendor credit / financing is not to be expected for Current Wave. Payment is due as the order is placed so as to get the most competitive prices. 
  • Printers make mistakes. Delays happen. Quantities can fluctuate. ISCA does not offer nor assume any guarantees to Current Wave for any third-party acts.
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