PDF Text Book

Teacher Course Conductor Manual, book cover, with ISCA and I Can Swim logos

Click the image to get the PDF document that details the course outline and typical agenda.

  • Barry Healey says:

    Hi Mark, Its looking very good. We have to some how on all the manuals, just let people have access to an overview. We don’t want people downloading or copying stuff before they have paid their fees or took the courses. I am sure you have some ideas and options. In the past we have had people try to get away by copying our program.

    • All “private content” is going to be protected in courses and membership areas that are locked down and only available to registered (perhaps paid) users. The PDFs can be “stamped” with the users name, date, transaction too so that if they are copied, that person’s name is branded on the bottom of the pages.

  • Barry Healey says:

    Mark. on some of the books we will have to replace all the Canadian Logos. That can be done later.

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