Full Teachers Course

Devoted Time 

  • Version 1.0's time is 26 to 29 hours


The Full Teachers Course is designed to provide a base of fundamental skills for swimming teachers and coaches. Using experience based learning, the Full Teachers Course teaches how to teach swimming in a technically sound manner. 

Basic skills are taught in efficient, biomechanically correct ways.

The High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development are presented and incorporated into the entire course. The goal is to provide swimming teachers with the tools necessary to teach safely, effectively and enjoyable for the overall benefit of the child. 

This course is designed to provide a starting point for a swimming teacher's knowledge base. NCCP program in Canada and ISCA in the USA offers the swimming teacher additional information to continue their professional development.


  • 15 years of age or older
  • currently Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross award if in Canada

Evaluation Process

Candidates pass the course upon completing a competency based evaluation by authorized personnel ranking as a Teacher Evaluator from The Swim Academy or ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.  

Course Outcomes

  • The Swim Academy Teacher Certification
  • Canadian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association Annual Membership option
  • High 5 Principles of Heathy Child Development Certification
  • Pre-requisite for the NCCP Swimming Teacher certification option

Resource Materials

  • Full Teacher Manual
  • High Five Materials on Healthy Child Development. Not on all courses.
  • Skills Manual
  • Laminated Skills Grid
  • One year membership with Canadian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association
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