Physical Literacy in Aquatic Environments, a discussion, cover
  • Barry Healey says:

    This book or paper was will written, however I feel that the aquatic people do not sit at the right tables, Education – Early education – Health – Child development. If we look at a Gymnastics club, they offer programs from very early ages. They are a leader in developing basic movement – dance and learning skills. We have a great opportunity to use water to do the same. If fact its is easier to do a hand stand in water than on land. I have added with my 8 under hand stands. vertical leg movements. Jumping off the bottom. Games with balls and throwing. All skills the children need to learn, the pool is the idea place to learn. We need to add new toys, new games and music.
    Its about early child development and building confidence. It does not always have to be about swimming lengths.

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