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Glossary of Roles

For clarity, each role gets defined. Some roles are tied to certain programs.



Customers are the same as consumers, guests, and members of the public who pay for goods and services.



  • Students
  • Guardians
  • Tots
  • Babies
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Campers
  • Athletes
  • Swimmers
  • Captains


  • Lifeguards
  • Lifeguard Candidates
  • Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Aquatic Managers
  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Owners
  • Volunteers
  • Advocates
  • Interns
  • Junior Lifeguards, Nippers
  • Buyers
  • Conductors



  • Conductors deliver teacher training in three-day courses. 
  • Conductors status comes with a conductor's authorization.
  • Conductors have an annual membership in ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.
  • Conductors mentor and facilitate in a professional, positive and safe learning environments.
  • Conductors generate enthusiastic support of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming and associated organizations.
  • A conductor leads an orchestra, with many people as opposed to a tutor who is generally in a 1-on-1 setting. Conductors convey the leading of many individuals, as in a staff of many swim instructors. A private lesson would be more suited for the name tutor. 


Get into Canada's Grade 12 accredit training programs with the schools by offering a course with student benefits of:

  1. Help getting into college.
  2. Minimum standard can lead to a job opportunity. Lifeguard.
  3. Is nationally recognized award.



Somewhat misleading. We'll seek to have our lessons program be part of a camp's accreditation with the camp accreditation body. 

When we grow and are wide -- we might start an accreditation review. That often involves site visits, peer review. 

A health department could do an accreditation -- or else shut down the facility. 


VERY Good.



Licenced by   

Seems too much for a GOVERNMENT entity to license. Medical Doctors are licensed. Drivers of commercial trucks are licensed. 


  • Barry Healey says:

    Hi Mark, This is a major area to break down, If we look at the TSA- ICS is a product with parts. One of the mistakes that the original owners made was that they only targeted Swim Clubs. They put all the eggs in the one basket. The Aquatic world and market is so much bigger than just the clubs. Anywhere that you can swim and teach should be the goal. With Covid19 I think we will see new opportunities arise, if we think outside the box.
    The challenge we will face is that the different markets- Targets have new challenges. At the moment I have City Leisure Programs, bigger numbers more pools. More senior staff to keep happy. University Programs again big numbers, super staff. They have a tred mill of great teachers coming out of sports and health programs . Plus great tutors to teach the courses. They also run summers camps and school break camps. Clubs both private and volunteer run less numbers depending on pool space. Challenge turnover over coaches, limited knowledge of marketing and thinking outside swimming fast. Some are brilliant and very creative. If they have a swim school they do well. I have reach out to other markets along the way scouts – tri clubs – masters- Armed services

    • My next question had to do with AVATARS.

      But, we need to come to shared understandings as to who is whom and where they fall in line with the language and process.

      What roles do we hang our hats upon with this endeavor?

      Then we can get to the AVATARS, and a description of our ideal customers.

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