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From and a lesson on training protocol to prepare for high-level performances by progressing faster through the heats to the finals. 

The Tip Top Camps

More than 50 swimmers gathered for a camp setting immediately after they competed in the Australian National Age Group Championships. In the days after the meet, the swimmers were given two days of light aerobic swimming. Then, in the following days, the camp was conducted so as to provide the swimmers with specific training for championship meets and the benefits of recovery skills.

The swimmers were given their goals for their swimming based on progressive percentage improvements. 

  • Minus six percent, then
  • Minus four percent, then
  • Minus two percent, through heats, semi, and finals of their personal best or their equivalent ranking at the next higher age group. 

The final camp time-trial time was to be within 2-percent of their recent meet performance. This standard, by the way, was attained by less than 10-percent of those attending the camp.

The squad also got to practice a format of a 200 swim on three successive workouts. 

  • #1 within 3% as above, 
  • #2 @ 2% but broken @ the 100 with a recovery of 40 beats below maximum, 
  • #3 within 1% but broken @ each 50 with a recovery at each 50 of 20 beats below maximum.

After this 3rd effort swim, the swimmers were introduced to a 30-to-40-minute swim of active recovery. Then all the swimmers swam a maximum effort, either a 200 or 100. In the max effort, the athletes were aiming to swim that swimmer's personal best time for that event. 

At each camp, the highest level of skill acquisition and execution possible. In this area, the finishing point of one camp became the starting point at the next camp.

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