UPGRADE course for ISCA's LAP

Upgrade Course

Upgrade Teachers Workbook, splash of cover


  • This Upgrade Course is for those who have already passed and have been trained as swim instructors by a nationally recognized agency, such has Red Cross, YMCA, Royal Life. 
  • The course is useful for owners of the program.


The 10-to-14-hour course helps teachers understand the goals and aim of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming. Learn how to teach within the program.

  • Expect three to four hours of time in in the pool. 
  • Classroom time takes six to eight hours.

Take the Upgrade course and the already certified instructors, coaches, teachers and lifeguards do not need to retake everything.

Launch Priority

Getting the Upgrade course online and into the hands of aquatic professionals is the number one priority. This module should be available as soon as possible in 2022.

Upgrade Text (link above) covers all the parts of an upgrade course, what has been covered in the past. 

  • Some content is going to move, in version 2.0, to the online course. 
  • Text links to other support books. 
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