Aquatics for Life

An adult and teen program with steps.

More than just swimming.

Step 1

For adults who want to overcome their fear of water or want the learn basic swimming skills take step 1. Build to swimming in deep water.

Next steps: Aquatics for Fitness

Strokes, drills, dives and turns build endurance and fitness.
Training to swim for sport or competition.


In Canada, Masters Swimming can begin at the age of 19. However, big drop-outs happen in programs at age 16. The Aquatics for Life class fills a need for those who like to swim but are not striving to be on the club team and striving for national championship meet. 

One of the aims of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming is to support Masters Swimming and deliver participants to those programs. Perhaps, in the future, such as in version 4, a different course, Adult Fitness Swimming, can be put into this suite of classes. 

Some masters swim teams might have well established cliques that can be off-putting to newcomers. The class gives a fresh start to swimming, beyond the baggage of an established swim team.

Aqua Fitness, a course designed to build strength and fitness in the water, is another possible course for version 4 or later. Water aerobics is another title for this type of class. An Aqua Fitness classes are already popular at many pools. 


  • Alumni activities.
  • Recognition and banners.
  • Keeping the individuals in the sport and supporting swimming.
  • Class allows the participants to give back to the swim community.
  • Class helps to improve the image of swimming.

  • Barry Healey says:

    Mark, this a a big area to consider. If a parent cannot swim the chances of their children swimming become less. I also see other markets and opportunities. Masters in one group but you have to be of a certain standard to get into most programs.
    Lots of fitness clubs have pools, so increasing usage is key.
    The tri market ( Weekend Warriors) Those that cannot swim free style. Skill and stroke improvement. Building partnerships with business owners, who would like to swim.
    Working closely with Pool Builders and Pool Cleaners. lessons in the private market, is growing. People like lessons at home.

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