Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go is a trademarked suite of water-safety-training resources that can be included with LAP.

Perhaps the inclusion of the Know Before You Go module is made available as an option, or else as part of the complete system. 

Water safety training with an environmental focus, as opposed to a swimming focus. 

  • Public safety education can mitigate risks.
  • Widespread knowledge dictates to need to buckle-up one's seat belt before driving in a car. Likewise, fire-safety education makes "Stop, drop and roll" understood.  

Our world is becoming increasingly watery. Education is key helping to navigate it safely.

Most competitive swimmers have swim-pool knowledge and natural, open water settings present many different challenges.

Water safety training is a public safety issue.

The dry-side of water safety is critical, particularly for high-risk communities, as potential dangers within different bodies of water are explored so as to improve decision-making for keeping both adults and children safer.


The Know Before You Go program, as of July 2021, has been delivered to more than 20 inner city schools reaching more than 10,000 students. 

Globally, a person dies due to drowning every 70 seconds. For every death, five more people suffer life-changing brain and spinal cord injuries due to water based accidents. NYC's has been suffering 12-18 deaths due to drowning each year. These tragedies are often preventable.

Flexible delivery options

  1. Remote delivery,
  2. in person delivery, or
  3. blended delivery with both. 

Mixed audience

The Know Before You Go™ module is meant for both swimmers and NON swimmers alike. 

Targeted for Schools and Groups

Curriculum educational levels are appropriate for various schools grades and are age appropriate with STEM exercises.

  • Curriculum for Pre-Kindergarden to grade 2 includes slide deck, activities and teacher's guide.
  • Curriculum for grades 3 to grade 7 includes pre/post tests, slide deck, activities and homework assignments and teacher's guide.
  • Curriculum for grades 8 to 12+ including pre/post tests, slide deck, activities and homework assignments and and teacher's guide.

Water Safety Day with different activities at a number of stations 

  • Lifejackets
  • Reach, Throw. Don't Go.
  • Blow up rafts.
  • Pool rules.
  • Whales Tales Videos
  • CPR station
  • Volunteers' call to participate and advocate as to how to continue with an introduction to local pools. 
  • Total time: 4 hours

Tips on how to structure a free swim lesson program to please the state Governor.

  • Frequency could be three times a week for two weeks.
  • An outcome is better preparation of the children for dealing with the beaches.
  • Tips on how to effectively structure engagement with local swim teams for support and supervision as swim instructors.


  • $18.75 per student
  • $45 for rights to show the film, Blacks Can't Swim


Definition of Drowning

Drowning Statistics

General Water Safety tips

Understand the nature and environment of different bodies of water:

Pools, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers and Oceans

RIP currents

  • RIP dangers
  • causes,
  • identification,
  • safe-navigation out of them.

Water Park safety

Boating safety

Seasonal dangers

  • Tropical Storms, 
  • Hurricanes,
  • Ice and
  • Flooding


“Know Before You Go™, A Conversation About Water Safety is a 55-minute online meeting which may (my original power point with speaker’s notes are included for this purpose) or may not (used instead as a drop and play) be facilitated.

The audience is groups (camps, Summer programs, businesses, swim teams, civics etc.) Fees are $12.50 per participant. See preview here:

Programs for individuals and families:

“Know Before You Go™, Water Safety for All video for families and individuals. A 45 minute video containing additional resources for an adult to explore further topics of interest. It will also have resources for a parent to use to help explain these concepts to younger children ages 3-7. It may also be adapted for those with special needs. Price $39.99

“Know Before You Go™, A Social Justice Call to Action package for families and individuals. The fact that people still do not understand the heavy social justice component of access to pools and swimming lessons for all, speaks to the damage that has been done and a history that has been quietly forgotten. Here we offer a film, Blacks Can’t Swim by Ed Accura, highlighting the stereotypical reasons why communities of color don’t swim; with the goal of making this a priority. Also resources to better understand this issue from both a historical and current point of view and add our Water Safety For All video as one solution by educating us as to the lifesaving aspects of water safety. Price: $45

Trademarked: Know Before You Go™

The title and materials are protected intellectual property of the nonprofit Swim Strong Foundation. These materials are licensed for reuse as part of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.

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