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Cover of book, Mental Skills for Young Athletes

Mental Skills for Young Athletes

A mental skills workbook for athletes 12 years and younger

Author, John M. Hogg, Ph.D., University of Alberta

Forward by Wayne Gretzky
Illustrations by Alex Labarda

Chapter 1, The importance of mental skills training

Chapter 2, The skill of awareness

Chapter 3, The skill of goalsetting

Chapter 4, The skill of relaxation and energizing

Chapter 5, The skill of positive and productive self-talk

Chapter 6, The skill of creative imagery

Chapter 7, The skill of attentional control

Chapter 8, Creating and maintaining ideal performance states.

Chapter 9, Creating and maintaining ideal emotional states

Chapter 10, Team harmony

Appendix 1, Advice for parents and guardians

Appendix 2, Advice for coaches

Appendix 3, Suggested readings

Wayne Gretzky


by Wayne Gretzky

Becoming a great athlete is more than just the obvious. Naturally, you must spend a lot of hours working on your skills. One must be obviously technically sound, always in the best shape possible, and mentally prepared to perform at your best.

For some athletes the mental side of sports comes naturally. For others, countless hours of hard work go into mentally preparing for their sport. Especially at world class level, all athletes are on a pretty even playing field. I believe, the athletes that excel in top competitions are often the ones who are a bit stronger mentally.

John Hogg's book guides you through the best possible ways to strengthen your mental toughness. Discover something new to work on each time you read the book.

Insights from this book can be applied each time you play or practice your sport. Try to put these mental skills into place, and you’ll have a great start becoming a better and complete athlete.

Enjoy the journey to success. But most of all, work hard and have a lot of fun.

Good Luck.

Your Friend.
Wayne Gretzky

Exercise 9
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