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History of Sponsorship

Prior sponsors throughout the year included:

  • Sears

Sponsorship plan

Sponsorship efforts are long-term journey.

In the first weeks, sponsorship research can lean heavily on proof of concept as to what has already happened in Canada. A big sponsor investment becomes low risk as evidence mounts as to the programs effectiveness and legacy. 

Discovery on where the programs have been in the past and market reach potential are expected.

Branding the content

As marketing materials are rolled out in the USA, the influences of Canada's roots can be downplayed. Most mentions of CANADA in the printed materials can be eliminated. Likewise, it would be wonderful to INSERT the new sponsor branding at the same time, rather than re-brand all the content  for a second and third time. Let's retain certain spots for additional branding capabilities. 


  • We do like the idea of sponsorship, but getting the right sponsors is going to take time and effort. 
  • Premise: We do not want to take any company.
  • Premise: You can only sell the farm once.

Different levels of sponsors. 

  • Minor sponsors
  • Major sponsors
  • Might leave this open for now.

Sponsorship History in Swimming

When Canada's program was established, two significant sponsors were obtained, Esso and Sears. Over the years they went different ways with their marketing budgets. But their investment was well received.

  • Esso past sponsorship of Swimming in Canada generated more than $1M per year. 
  • USA Swimming's charge for sponsors to use its USA Swimming logo costs more than $ 40K per year. (speculation)

Barry's thoughts:

• Gold Package $250,000

• Silver Package. $150,000

• Bronze Package $ 100,000 

Many sports programs don’t a great job with sponsors. It’s a contract and you have to deliver what you sign on for. Looking for sponsors takes time and investment, and we must remember we can only have one of each product. For example, One Swimming company- One Hotel Chain- One Bank- One Food Chain. We do have an amazing product to sell and we can I sure get people to listen.

North American

Branding sponsors

  • empty

Minor Sponsors

  • empty

Brainstorming Sponsors



  • Klondike
  • Dunkin
  • Dairy Queen
  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonalds
  • Wendy's
  • Baskin Robbins

Travel / Autos


  • Comcast
  • Amazon
  • IBM (sponsors digital badges with Credly)


  • Go Henry


  • Tilley
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Crocs, or another footwear company
  • Cariuma
  • Olukai, sandals
  • Sketchers
  • Group 360, 727-741-0597, Chris, ex-swimmer


Regional Sponsors

  • UPMC (Health System with HQ in Pittsburgh)

Worldwide Olympic Sponsors

  • Bridgestone (tire company)
  • Toyota
  • Oreo

Sponsors helping others

  • LaCroix (flavored water) 
  • The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys extended their exclusive sponsorship deal with Molson Coors, reportedly worth $200 million over 10 years.

  • Slippery floors beware. Bombas Gripper Slippers have special PVC grippers on each sole, so you don’t slip on slick surfaces (or the occasional banana peel). Did we mention they’re comfy, cozy, and come in fun new colors and patterns? Grab your pair today.*

  • Tie into a health provider and health insurance company. That company could see some benefits via swimming with its clients:
    Reducing Stress- Improving health and Education.
    Pathways to work
    Reducing spending and Claims by staying fit and out of trouble
    Providing a service for the local community, swimming teachers and lessons in low income areas.
    Getting the Company exposure by having them time at meets, Community service.
    Marketing in meets and Courses.
    Rebuilding Swimming & Sport Across America. Grassroots and Up.

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