Calendar for future of LAP


The evolution of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming is a work in progress.

  • Version 1, in use in 2021 abroad.
  • Version 2, slated for USA's release year, 2022.
  • Version 3, next wave, in progress.
  • Version 4, raw ideas for 2024 and beyond.

Future modules could include:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Velocity, Tethered & Power Swimming
  • Buying, using and teaching in a flume
  • Recreational Canoe Water Polo, with inflatable kayaks
  • Competitive Canoe Water Polo, with creek kayaks
  • We Ones Canoeing
  • A is for Athlete -- a multi-lingual, literacy and art project
  • Video use for starts, turns, finishes and streamlines. 
  • Sailing
  • Log Books and Journal Keeping
  • Video use for Water Polo
  • Goal Setting
  • Alumni Organization
  • Stories of Water
  • Barefoot Biathlons
  • Swim Officials, celebration and votes / awards
  • College Club Swimming
  • Safe Sport Awareness along with Healthy Child Development

Your ideas and pointers are welcome in the comments!

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