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Affiliate percentages changes from industry to industry, and also depending on product type and also what the sales agent / affiliate negotiates.

Before Ken promote anything as an affiliate, these questions are asked:

  1. Does it directly help our audience?
  2. Is the product really, really good? (We want to see it and use it).
  3. Would we be doing our audience a disservice by not telling them about it (would we promote it anyway even if we werent getting paid to).
  4. What is the maximum order value (including add ons and upsells) and how does that equate to our potential earning per customer?
  5. What is the conversion rate on the whole funnel?
  6. What are the payment terms (anything longer than 35 days we pass on)
  7. Is there an opportunity for recurring commission?

Usually one-time purchase things are at LEAST 50% commission. We've seen people doing 150%+ commission to entice affiliates.

Recurring can be anything, but its lower, sometimes up to 30% recurring.

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