Building a sports and swim camp

Outline: Diversity camps

Back Story

  • Lesson by Hannula: Organize Your Own Clinic
  • Fitter & Faster, among others, are expensive
  • Australian example, Tip Top Camp
  • August slump
  • Heads into water polo season
  • Heads into open water swimming (season)
  • Vacations, for coaches and affluent 


First responders

  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • EMS
  • Parole officers
  • Security guards
  • School police
Top story in a daily newspaper reports on a dip in police recruitment in the city of Pittsburgh.

Top story in a daily newspaper reports on a dip in police recruitment in the city of Pittsburgh.


  • Police retirements
  • Lifeguard shortages
  • Community oriented efforts
  • PALs, Police Athletic Leagues
  • Human capacity increases
  • Mindfulness
  • River rescue
  • Flash flooding 


Empowering with special offer(s)
  • Access Global Library for ISCA MEMBERS
  • Proposed, $25 for 4 years, with proof of status / selfie
  • Department-wide enrollment with club support / sponsorship

LSC swimmers not attending Zones

  • Sign up in advance
  • Varsity & JV population
    Dumped from sport in Canada
    Lifeguards and swim instructors and more!
  • Group of guests, Possible:
    Camper All stars
    Y Team(s)
    Church group
    After school group
    Pee Pee Basketball / Football / Cheer camp group
    Summer swimmers in a league / lessons
    School district
    Lifeguard recruited

Year long recruitment and relationship building

Stories of water, a challenge for reading and perspectives

Host CLUB with ISCA LAP designation 


Pre camp

Group of guests given perspectives about water safety, S6.

Benefactors help to subsidize program costs


Returns from ongoing operations of ISCA's LAP

Relationships with staff and swim lessons

3-6 Day Camp, post LSC LC Championships

  • GM oversight with executive head coach
  • First responders step up to coach
    Provided with lesson plans
  • Provided with head coach as GM
  • ISCA / LSC coaches on contract 

Half swimmers and Half guests

  • Q 20 / 20
  • Ideal ages, 12 to 14
Water Polo Dreamers at Thelma Lovette YMCA with Mark on deck

Activities, To Do

  • Game play
    Water polo
    Under Water Hockey
  • Test sets
    Guests kick w fins
    digital badges
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Nipper / lifesaving
  • Course: I Can Teach
  • Course: Lifeguard Identity and Volunteering /Careers and Aquatic Jobs
  • Course: Oncore (meditation)
  • Course: Paddle
  • Course: Know Before You Go, social justice

To Do:

Need to build a pathway and map for the adults. What is the adult context and adult pathway. 

Need a budget and funding structure.

Who pays? How much? 

Learn & Earn opportunities.

Hook up with Thadius from Ft. Lauderdale


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Waterproof Camps happen in the summers

  • Gisela Morales coaches in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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