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Timeline for the agreement:

  • A draft of the pending agreement / contract between CurrentWave (doing business as, The Swim Academy) and ISCA was shared at a meeting with ISCA on October 18, 2021. 
  • Negotiations unfolded in Q4 2021 and another draft was floated in January 2022.

Goals for the agreement:

  • The aim is to settle on a valid contract with clear terms that can NOT be easily turned into a voidable contract.
Focus on payment, not performance.

The lack of complete performance may lie with one or both parties and could lead to an executory contract. If one party to an executory contract fails or refuses to perform within the time established in the contract for that performance, that party has breached the contract. When performance matters are focused on payments, then relief and obligations of performance can be avoided.

Totality of the program

Boundaries for LAP

  • No Lifeguard Certification, CPR, First Aid, AED and other first responder elements.
  • No coaches certification.
  • ISCA's LAP is restricted to the USA and its territories.
  • CurrentWave covers all of Canada.
  • Foreign nations beyond USA and Canada are suitable for discussion and negotiations within other, additional contracts. For expansion to other countries, ISCA has a right of first refusal. Expansion to other countries requires additional agreements. 
For example: ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming might expand to include USA and Poland, with another agreement. And as an option, all negotiated, of course, a solution might include Poland's Lifespan Aquatics Programming so as to use some or all of the materials and support developed in partnership with ISCA and CurrentWave.
  • A plan for outreach to other markets needs to be crafted. Rolling the program out to the world is going to take great start-up investments.

Non Issues in terms of the contract performance, yet valued in the business planning

  • Income / profit split on training and education programs
  • Tracking of program growth
  • Development milestones
  • Founding Memberships
  • Sponsorships, grants
  • Annual and quarterly targets

On-going roles for John Barry Healey:

  • Foreign rights discussions
  • Delivery of assets
  • Meet bi-weekly for 30 minutes 
  • Teach, or facilitate the teaching of three 90-minute educational sessions per month
  • Teach, or facilitate the teaching of one day of in-person sessions per month.

Income streams

Various income stream do not need to be included in the contract, but do need to be in the business plan.

  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Books
  • Ebooks
  • Stickers
  • Virtual clinics
  • In-person clinics
  • Gear
  • Per-person fees
  • Affiliates
  • Rights and translations
  • Sponsorships
  • Grants

Business Plan

An important aspect of creating a successful venture is having a foundational document that includes the exact steps for moving forward. This business plan allows leadership the opportunity to wrestle (mentally) with every issue and come to a shared understanding. React by putting in comments at the bottom each page. 

The USA swim school market has seen new investment from private investors. Owning a private swimming schools has grown to become a bigger investment and the cost of entry is too steep for many swim teams and swimming coaches.

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming changes the face of swimming at the grassroots in the USA market. 

ISCA benefits

  • increases in memberships
  • interactions with recreation programs.
  • new partnerships
  • stronger teams

Story of ISCA's LAP


Build your own, or use the gold standard.


The roots of ISCA's LAP 

Determining what the business (NPO) does and sells.

Value Proposition


  • For any people who manage swimming pools
  • Coaches and others who manage swim programs
  • We provide support for aquatic programing 
  • That is efficient and exciting for the participants and the staff
  • Unlike Red Cross 
  • that helps with disaster relief and lessons for the past century
  • ISCA's approach and solution functions better for staff development, student progress, family awareness
  • That offers a better customer and client experience.

Generic (for editing hints)

  • For (the target customer)
  • Who (specific needs, demands, buying criteria, etc)
  • We provide (solution name / brand description)
  • That (specifies benefits and business values to clients)
  • Unlike (the competition)
  • Who (provide solutions, features, functions, benefits).
  • Our company (better approach, solution, functions, benefits)
  • That (offers a better customer experience).

Mission: Participation, Fun, Success

More than just another set of learn-to-swim badges, ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming offers new and different experiences with a learner-centered approach that is fun and rewarding.

  • Early introduction of sport and the swimming strokes, gets everyone swimming and happier right from the start.
  • Charting continuous improvement builds confidence in the pool and around open water.
  • Our water safety focus is consistent and deep.
  • Advancement bring a success mindset.
  • Continuous recognition of achievements happens, rather than a pass/fail approach.


  • ISCA’s Lifespan Aquatics Programming inspires a pathway for dynamic, lifelong aquatic participation.
  • Communities develop a passion for aquatic sports with fun, water-strong-skills and endurance.

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming is an opportunity to rebuild swimming and aquatics from the bottom up. Millions of children have not taken swimming lessons for dozens of months due to the pandemic. Thousands of swimming teachers have been out of work as their pools and lessons were closed. Many won't return to prior positions. 

Most providers have been forced to think again about their offerings and service  directions.

The feel-good emotions from the Olympics might continue for a few more months, but they will fade until 2024.

Swim clubs and lesson programs are in a rebuilding period. Some are expected to return to their pre-Covid-19 methods, while others are sure to grasp for other solutions. 

NGBs are looking at quadrennial plans. FINA is investing millions into Africa swimming. More opportunities are growing in some countries and citizens.

Enjoy learning to swim better, faster and more often with ISCA's LAP

Be a part of the best programming framework, according to world-class coaches and teachers. 

  • Students learn with more effective skills in a most effective aquatics program in the world.
  • Participant, staff and leadership engagement is extended with a far larger range of activities, challenges and knowledge. 

Feeder system's worth is tied to devoted pool use

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming can generate new swimmers for swim teams, new incomes for swim coaches, new opportunities for local communities and new enrichment for younger coaches -- depending upon how much pool time is devoted.

Big Picture of the Aquatic Market

One of the early mistakes made in Canada was to think the market was Swim Clubs. Now, the biggest groups and clients in Canada are City Recreation and University programs. These sites have more access to pool time, staffing and marketing budgets. Their programs also subsidize the cost of taking part in their lessons.

We don’t want to put the clubs off. Rather we want to increase their feeder programs. We want to increase the membership. We want to offer less work and more incentives. We want to increase their income streams.

Coaches, Facilities and Swim Clubs can expect:

  • Fast, easy implementation.
  • Ability to run any program independently, or as a complement to existing aquatic programs.
  • Affordable teacher training.
  • Streamline teacher/coach administration tools.
  • Flexible swimmer awards.
  • Full-spectrum of options to engage the entire community: from babies-to-seniors, among recreational, educational, career and competitive programs.

Different target markets

Swim clubs are different markets vs. fitness clubs vs. school districts.

  • Swim Clubs
  • Universities
  • City/County Recreation Departments
  • Country Clubs
  • Community pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Public School Districts
  • Private Schools
  • YMCAs
  • Jewish Community Centers

Lower priorities:

  • Programs that already have swim schools, unless they want to change.
  • Areas being well served by private swim school businesses. 
  • Clubs that have a high turn over of Head Swimming Coaches. When club change coaches each year, establishing the program makes a larger challenge.
  • Programs that cannot make decisions quickly.

Summary of the products and services that are exchanged for income:

  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Books
  • Ebooks
  • Stickers
  • Virtual clinics
  • In-person clinics
  • Gear
  • Per-person fees
  • Affiliates
  • Advertisements
  • Rights and translations
  • Sponsorships
  • Grants

Branding with Name, Logos, URLs

Lifespan Aquatics Programming logo in sticker frame

Branding Basics

  • Blue #2b2668
  • Yellow #f8C512
  • Grey #828282
  • Black #0a0a0a
  • Web font: Literata, Regular 400, Bold 500
  • Display font: FS Sally
  • Business cards
  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Student support website for badges / rewards
  • Client support elements for facility
  • Tours, questionnaire, AI chat bot
  • Additional media channels, perhaps, else build upon those of ISCA.

Data Organization

  • Use of
  • Use of
  • Use of



 Different pricing might be based upon location and local economy. ??

Price list (version 1)

  • Swimming Teachers Memberships, $ 35 per year 
  • Partnership Agreements, $3,000 based on number
  • Masters Course Conductors, 3 days, $450 each 
  • Full Teachers Course, $300 each
  • Upgrade Course, $180 to $250 each
  • I CAN Teach - Youth Leadership, $100 each
  • Manuals, $15
  • USB Drives, $15
  • Master Course Conductors Books, $20
  • Grid Sheets for Teachers, $5.50
  • Stages Award Books for Swimmers, Levels 1, 2, 3, $6 each
  • Award certificate, $1.50 each
  • Stickers per swimmer, $4

Future price lists (version 2)

The market size of swimming teachers is larger than competitive swimming's 25,000 coaches.  The USA Swim School marketplace is experiencing hot growth and accounts for more than a billion dollar in annual revenue. 

Consider the growth of each group and market in the future.


Support systems

  • list



  • list


  • Income from lessons in version 1. 

Launching and roll-out of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming

Management should be smart on where to begin.

Some quick wins can be helpful. Obtain some friendly and support programs at the outset.

All the modules of the program will not be available in the first phase. Some of the modules are going to be held so that a brilliant job in marketing and servicing can be accomplished. 

Need to be in place before the launch.

  • Changes to Canadian version for the USA Market.
  • Printing and web site.
  • Finalized pricing of all products and services. Pricing discussions should occur within the budget-building process. See Prices.

How we are going to conduct the launch.

Announcing and making an original, newsworthy splash in marketplace can create buzz. Without looking too far ahead, this plan for the next year needs to be detailed, more-so than the plan for five-years and ten-years into the future. 

Pressing needs come with the job fight and shortage of workers, lifeguards and keeping talented coaches and instructors in the sport and on their roles. Having a massive brain-drain would harm the return to pools as Covid dissipates. 

Contingency plans need to account for possible upticks to the pandemic too.

  • Timeline and project plans


Local events

Global Events

Virtual Events

Management Events


An Introduction to an avatar:

Avatar are defined as "An icon or figure representing a particular person." In this business plan, an avatar is a representation of an ideal client/customer. A business may have multiple avatars representing several target demographics, and this does. Some prefer to distill the ideal customer down to one person, as a fictional avatar to help communicate more clearly.

Avatars are ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming customers. Our avatar works in a professional position in aquatics but often struggles to keep his or her head above water (pun) in a busy, action-packed settings without supportive secretarial help among many seasonal employees. This avatar is a future-pace hero that offers and seeks new generation solutions. Overwhelmed, but hopeful, the avatar is empowering others in aquatics in loving, highly energic, ways. As a trusted, authority figure at the pool, the avatar, while not an entrepreneur, understands that a demand and gap exists for an expanding, transformative, aquatic tool box that is provided with ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.

Avatars for Schools and School Districts

Breakfast Clubs

  • list

Afterschool Time

  • list

Physical Education

  • list

Summer Schools

  • list

Holiday / Personal Development Days

  • list

School District Partnerships

  • list

USA Swimming Clubs
Colleges and Universities 
City and County Government Lesson Programs and Facilities
Summer swim clubs (beyond USA Swimming)

Transition opportunities

Efforts might arise due to some pools or programs losing teams and/or cutting teams.

Other aquatic bodies

Marketplace Competition

Not everyone in going to welcome ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming with open arms. Some agencies are going to consider the program a threat to their own business, goals and aims. 

Possible road blocks and barriers set up to slow down the acceptance might include:

  • list

Legacy lessons from Canada:

Best Sellers in Canada:

  1. I Can Swim, Stages 1- 3
  2. I Can Swim Fast, Stage 4
  3. I Can teach.
  4. Upgrade Courses for Teachers
  5. Full teachers Course
  6. Annual swimming teachers memberships, $35, (Canada's price) 

Market penetration

Pre Covid Reach

  • The years before Covid's arrival, Canada's numbers were between 15,000 to 20,000 per year.

Target Markets

1 Areas with good access to pools. Pool time to expand. 

2 Clubs that have want to have a swim school or a better feeder program

3 Areas where ISCA has friends and supporters that we can build partnerships together.

4 Communities that have maybe cut their swim programs at the university.

5 Where there are no private swimming programs set up at this point.

6 Areas we there is a very large swimming community.

7 Outdoor and Indoor pools.

8 A community interest in Swimming for what ever reason.

9 A willing coach or program that wants change or improvement.

Raw, target areas. Need to turn into avatars.

Geographic considerations:

  • Areas with good access to pools. 
  • Areas where pool time can be obtained for community programs.
  • Clubs that have want to have a swim school or a better feeder program
  • Areas where ISCA has friends and supporters that we can build partnerships together.
  • University communities that have cut their varsity swim programs. 
  • Where there are no private swimming programs set up at this point.
  • Areas we there is a very large swimming community.
  • Outdoor and Indoor pools.
  • A willing coach or program that wants change or improvement.

Phases and Time Frames


Start with Dolphins, levels 1 to 4. Dolphins are the best sellers in Candada. Cover great skills. Dolphins can fit into all types of programs. Dolphins can be offered as a stand alone or it can be bolted on to other programs. 

The Upgrade Teachers course can be delivered both by web programming or in person.

Stages I am sure will become the number one in the USA.

After that Under 5 programming if they programs have access to warm water.

Then the masters and Tri market.

Goals and Aims for Years 1, 2 and 3.

Looking at the bigger picture.


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Types of Partnerships

Keep all doors open. Seek a wide view of all types of programs and providers. Swim Clubs are one type of partner, but others provide huge opportunities and great numbers. City, University and Leisure sites are easier to deal with and have much bigger numbers. They also have access to other options like summers camps. School lessons have a bigger impact on the wider community.

Swim Clubs

Some swim clubs in Canada have grown to million-dollar budgets. this is due to take over of small programs.

Some swim clubs operate out of multiple pools.

  • University programs
  • Private Clubs 
  • Leisure programs.

Figure out the different options in year one.

The program can be stand alone and a bolt on to other programs. 

Support services for new partnerships and owners.


Low-income communities.

We should start to consider what will our role be?
We should consider ideas such as:

  • Free awards and lessons in some areas, by joint partnership working.
  • Free training places on courses for Swimming teachers.
  • Swim Weeks and Clinics. Go into a Inner City and teach a 1,000 kids to swim during the summer.
  • Re look at incentives for partnerships that want to take the program on.
  • Lead on swimming lessons in schools.
  • Have a partnership with some of the best local pool builders. Safe Pools – Swim at Home program.
  • Access grants to help with costs and paying for staff and projects. 

Tracking, reporting, grading:

  • Memberships
  • New clubs
  • New swimmers
  • Fee and payments
  • Connections to Goals and Aims
  • Marketing connections
  • Sponsorship interactions
  • Web-page visits
  • Scheduled meetings and attendance

Market sizes in swimming

The USA Market is huge.


ISCA already has an excellent track record of service and support. 

This venture gives the ISCA the opportunity to:

  • Increase in membership numbers by adding more swimming teachers, tutors and mentors
  • ISCA gets a foundation at the grassroots level with introduction to swimming and the aquatic world.
  • Increase ISCA's income streams in new areas. 
  • - Become a leader at the grassroots level.
  • - Become a leader in the field of teaching and training swimming teachers and junior coaches.
  • - To offer the ability to increase membership and income to its large base of Coaches and programs. 

Client checklist before deploying ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming:

If the site has a positive track record and the desire and motivation to offer an excellent program, then:

  • Access to pools that provide a safe and welcoming environment.
  • If offering Tots, need access to warm water and shallow pools.
  • Fill out application to become a program and submit.
  • The owner and senior staff have taken the training and understand the guidelines and standards.
  • Swimming teachers have taken the training (Upgrade).
  • Appropriate fees and paperwork are paid and signed.

Early adopters should sign up and pay fees. We can consider special, introduction rates. Nothing should be given away. Everything should have a price and a cost.

Inclusion as a tag.

After this business plan is completed, this venture needs:

  • a marketing plan
  • front facing web approach,
  • customer pathways,
  • funnels,
  • affiliates,
  • lifeguard alliance(s),
  • sponsorship plan and sponsors.

Alliance possibilities for Lifeguard Certification

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming needs a lifeguarding component. 

Ellis has courses on bloodborne pathogens, CPR, First Aid, etc,, etc.

Ellis has its own lifeguard manuals, lifeguard learning management system, and capacity to certify lifeguards in all states and dozens of countries. 

If we can embrace and extend the Ellis system with our programming, we've got a win-win-win. 

Ellis has a swim lesson program leader. I did a video with her about 8 months ago. It was okay and built on flexibility to suit the needs of the host facility. We bring a bunch to their places. 

The medical director for Jeff Ellis Management is a long-tme friend. When ISCA is ready to make a fantastic presentation, we will. First, our numbers / projections and content must be ready.

Ellis has an annual gathering for aquatic professionals. I went in early 2021. It was fully virtual. Very, very good.

Ellis has a lifeguard instructor upgrade course too. Its blended learning system is completed, in-house, and ready to be deployed far and wide, as they use it at most big vacation sites (Disney, etc.).

Marketing to Professionals

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming makes aquatic managers programming hero in your greater community. Solidify your relevance and value as a leader among multiple populations when you choose to deploy this system. 

All the content is safe, sound, and presses the boundaries past brilliant. 

Your reputation, and the reputation of your entire network is going to be golden with ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming on your team.

Rely upon ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming. It is dependable and won't fail to energize you and your staff. Employees and patrons are going to come to expect creative programs that are well reasoned, with purpose, instructive.

ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming delivers the right information when potential customers are in the investigative and sales process so that people sign-up and show up. Plus, the right information is delivered to the instructors before the classes begin so the teachers are effective teachers who can follow and implement a plan. 

City managers and heads of recreation departments, as well as board members and school district bosses: Trust that the ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming is going to engage the staff, offer guidance and confidence, and conduct training that energizes the overall experience for all involved.

Overcome objections

People want to buy stuff, but, wonder about:

Understand the use-case of lessons in each facility.

Different strokes for different folks, and the same applies to different facilities. Client populations differ. Different background and stages of life have different wants and needs. Great care and effort has been put into ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming so as to have plenty of offerings for everyone. No facility is expected to do every program. But all facilities can benefit. 

Over time, as the customer base grows and develops, the different offerings in the catalog can be applied, offering on-going enrichment and new challenges.

Other Documents (yet to come)

  • Insurance Plan
  • Communication Plan *
  • Foreign Markets
  • Sponsors Plan
  • Membership and Pricing Plan
  • Development and Publishing Plan for Modules and Online Education
  • Consumer Web Site Plan for
  • Lifeguard Training Plan
  • Event and Training Plan
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