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Avatar's name, Jeff, Pool Manager and Swim Coach

Jeff is a pool manager who dreams of becoming a well-balanced, championship coach and favorite boss.

Currently, Jeff's focus is on training and retaining dynamic staffers and coaching a winning swim program.

Ultimately, Jeff really wants to dominate the league and inspire dozens of elite athletes.

Right this minute, Jeff would be ecstatic if he could:

  • Train the new staff members
  • Excite and empower workers in the program
  • Organize and coordinate better activities

Unfortunately, Jeff still needs to figure out how to:

  • Organizing the calendar of events and classes with new clients
  • Build more fun throughout the community at the swim pool
  • Lead new staff members into effective instructors

Jeff is also really frustrated by the fact that:

  • Hiring enough staff
  • Lazy workers
  • Ambition among some workers is low

Plus, he still feels he needs to get the answers to these questions before he can move forward:

  • How to excite the staff
  • Improving community marketing outreach of programs
  • Bringing more people and money into the pool and budget

Jeff is also still hung up on the idea that:

  • Not enough time
  • Can't be doing everything without quality helpers
  • Irresponsible teachers who fumble around on nothingness

In fact, he feels like empty and worthless programs actually don't want him to succeed with training and retaining dynamic staffers or coaching a winning swim program.

When all is said and done, Jeff just wants to:

  • Be a shinning community resource
  • Please the taxpayers and dues paying public
  • Take a few more days off from work each month

To help Jeff I would invite him to check out my email discussion list and some online learning courses, program content for all ages and abilities, at so he can give confidence with spoon-feed training to staff without doing it all yourself.

If Jeff wants to easily organize and implement new activities, train their staff and raise their confidence levels, and challenge and enrich those interested in devoting more time and energy at the pool in as little as 2022.... then program content for all ages and abilities is definitely for him.

My offer includes: Lifespan Aquatics Programming (worth hundreds per employee Value).

This complete suite with many options makes it easy to structure activities, delegate and grow the staff's responsivities, and supervise and relax as your staff deploys new programs.

I promise to show him "Original, exciting aquatic programming."

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