I Can Teach
  • The course, I Can Teach supports the next generation of teachers and coaches.  

Evolution and Pathways

I Can Teach was included as part of the I Can Swim Fast materials.

Now, the I Can Teach stands on its own.

I Can Teach offers two outcomes:

  1. competitive, and/or 
  2. aquatic leadership.


Get youth, ages 14-to-16, teaching experiences and to provide leadership training. 

Keep the youth in the water and engaged with their swim programs.

Get adults and youth to become swim instructors. 

Teaching another often teaches the teacher too.


  • Junior Leadership
  • Junior Swimming
  • Teachers Helpers


  • Goal Setting
  • Training
  • Dryland activities, which ties into the fitness model
  • Skills of swimming, starts, turns and finishes
  • Stroke correction and evaluation
  • Video use
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • Leadership skills


  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Game play
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