I Can Swim Fast
  • Age: Pre-teen and Teen

Introduces more training and fitness:

  • Stroke drills
  • Endurance building 
  • Goal setting 
  • Gives swimmers the knowledge and skills to swim efficiently and with speed.
  • Reading a pace clock
  • Dryland exercises and routines,
  • Practice warm ups
  • Nutrition
  • Resource: Mental Skills for Young Athletes e-book by Dr. John Hogg 
  • Resource: I Can Flex


Goal Setting

Mental Skills for Young Athletes book cover
Mental Skills for Young Athletes back cover

Tapering the younger kids, ages 12 and under:

  • Barry Healey says:

    There is a full model written for the program. This level starts to introduce more training and fitness. Other skills would be how to read a clock, dryland and warm ups. Last year I was also able to get Dr. John Hogg to let me use is Goal setting books. Many swimmers at this stage are aged between 10 – 13. Johns books are perfect for this introduction of goal setting.

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