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Lesson Sections:

Original source.


A short paragraph explaining what is covered in the lesson. Text should be able to be copied and used in a workshop description.

Prerequisite Skills

A bulleted list of skills students require to learn and understand the lesson plan:

  • List of skills


Bulleted list of objective(s), worded as actions that the student can do once they’ve finished. See Bloom’s Taxonomy of Action Verbs (PDF) as a reference. Avoid using words like “know,” “understand,” “be introduced to,” etc.


  • Students will be able to identify the files required to make a theme.


  • Students will know the files required to make a theme.


Bulleted list of linked files/materials the instructor needs to teach the lesson plan.

Screening Questions

A list of evaluation questions for students to see if they have the skills necessary to learn and understand the lesson. These can be used as pre-screening questions on Meetup.

  • For example, have you ever used WordPress?

Teacher Notes

A bulleted list of any handy tips or information for the instructor.

  • Tips teachers may want to know

Hands-on Walkthrough

The lesson, written in script form with screenshots and live demo instructions to be used by the instructor in a live classroom/workshop setting.

Section Heading for Walkthrough

You will likely need to break down the walkthrough into sections.


These are short or specific activities that test an understand and help you practice certain components of the lesson. They should not be fully scripted exercises, but rather something that you would do on your own. For example, you can create an exercise based on one step of the hands-on walkthrough.

Exercise name

Short description of what the exercise does and what skills or knowledge it reinforces.

  • Short point or step of the exercise
  • And another.


A short quiz for students to evaluate their retention of the material presented.

Additional Resources

An optional section which contains a list of resources that can be used to get more information on the topic.

Notes from Barry

  • Questions and Tests
  • Review of training and course taken before? What should they have ? Minimum for the Upgrade Course.
  • Goals and objectives of the course?
  • The option of coming in and out of the course?
  • Videos of swimmers and that the new teachers will suggest stroke changes and drill to correct the swimmer.
  • It would be good if they could access a area where they can learn and review.
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