Renewal is for RENEWING Certificates

Devoted Hours 

  • In Version 1.0, necessary hours vary. 


Renewal is a flexible process tailored to meet the needs of Teachers, Course Conductors, The Swim Academy and organizers of ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.

Teachers and program helpers are encouraged to participate in ongoing continuing education programs including, but not limited to, stroke clinics, on-line education modules, individual mentoring sessions, reading updated materials on skills programs from ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming

Other types of continuing education, quizzes, leadership training, facilitation workshops and evaluation teaching are some of the ways for teachers and course conductors to renew annual membership status with ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.

  • Renewal courses are posted on the main calendar.
  • As an alternative, a program of ongoing, professional development can be documented to maintain a current membership status. 

All are also encouraged to participate in ongoing continuing education programs including conferences and individual mentoring sessions.

Continuing education including leadership training, facilitation of workshops and other specialized programs are also recognized with prior approval.

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