School Swimming Lessons

Schools and school districts are plentiful.

In some areas, public school districts as well as private schools have pools and get to teach their students swimming, generally as part of physical education classes.

Flexible implementation for School Swimming Lessons

  • before school,
  • after school,
  • at holidays, and when school faculty has in-service days,
  • weekends, including the Saturday Swim School,
  • activities before summer holidays.

School Swimming Lessons Include:

  • 10+ lesson plans,
  • water safety at the pool,
  • swimming skills, and 
  • aquatic fitness. 

Prime fit

  • Non swimmers, 
  • Weak swimmers. 

Custom designs are available. 

Support kits for finding fiscal partnerships and joint ventures are included for school leaders. 

  • Barry Healey says:

    Mark, That looks great if we can build good relationships with . schools and the local community these types of programs would go along way to reducing the drowning rates. Parents always want their children to do positive things during the hoildays.

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